In self-isolation, I found a job online / An animation story about creativity

It Happens

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Hi everyone. My name is Snezhana. My parents are conservative and they always believed that you can only make money doing hard work. I found a job on the Internet that I enjoy. During the quarantine, everything did not go according to plan. My parents lost their jobs, and we were short of money. I always had my own opinion on any topic, and my views on life and earnings were freer and more democratic. Our relationship was strained because of this. Parents didn't recognize alternative ways of earning money through the Internet. They hoped that I would somehow outgrow my harmful beliefs, but I knew that this wouldn't happen. During the quarantine, I was sitting at home and surfing the Internet as usual. This time I was brought up to some article about easy money without investments and SMS. Usually, I don't read that, but our position in the family became more disastrous, and I decided to read. I was carried away. In the end, I was already burning with the desire to try. During the day, I studied online, and I needed a part-time job that does not take long. It turned out to be simple. I needed confirmation that I was an adult. I sent my photo with a passport in hand. Then I registered, having previously agreed with the terms of the offer agreement and got down to work. I had to continually change fake accounts, as this allows you to earn more and not be exposed. I turned on my creativity and began to exercise in coming up with various nicknames. I especially loved the feminine nicknames Graceful Acacia or Lush Doe. At first, it was inconvenient, but then the pleasure of work blocked all these minor disadvantages. ... Please, subscribe! Like and leave a comment! #ithappens #animations Copyright Lights Creative Group, All Rights Reserved.


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